Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Church

Windsor, Ontario

Our Serbian Community roots in Windsor and Essex County go back to the turn of the last century. There were very few immigrants from the homeland; they had come mainly from the areas that were still under the Austro-Hungarian Empire or the remnants of the Ottoman Empire occupation. Those early immigrants settled in the Detroit and Windsor area.

Many more Serbs came to North America after WWI and especially after WWII. Today’s Serbian community was also significantly enlarged during the recent fall and separation by the Republics of Communist Yugoslavia. Canada again became a home for many people that were expelled from their homes and our community gained a significant number of Serbian people.

Latest Posts

  • KSS 85th Slava
    Circle of Serbian Sisters “Princess Helen” will be celebrating their 85th slava on June 3rd 2023. Memorial service for the deceased members, blessing of “slavski kolač” and “žito” at the KOSOVOHALL, Serbian Center starting at 4pm. Dinner banquet to follow at 6pm. 85th Kuma – … Read more
  • Христос васкрсе! Заиста васкрсе!
    Христос васкрсе! Заиста васкрсе! Драга браћо и сестре, у трећу недељу Васкрса, у недељу жена Мироносица, освештали смо нову целивајућу икону посвећену Св. Василију Острошком, као и нове одежде за празник Силаска Светога Духа на апостоле – Педесетница. Икона је дар нашег драгог брата у … Read more
  • Consecration of The New Cross
    Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Community to Consecrate New Cross on Central Dome, April 23, 2023

Special Announcements

This year, Diocesan Day is June 11.
All faithful are invited to gather and celebrate together at the Milton Monastery.
Liturgy will not be served at Gracanica Church on Sunday June 11.

Serbian Gracanica Village, Carrousel of the Nations

Join us from June 23 – 25. Please contact us to volunteer at this years event.