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Becoming a Member of the Gracanica Church Congregation

The “Gracanica” Church Congregation  welcomes new members. Your acceptance will be based on documents and forms submitted by you to the Membership Subcommittee according to our GCC protocol.  The outline of the necessary requirements, protocol, and process to becoming a member is included in your application form download.

Your Sponsor will be responsible for your guidance and to help you during the first year of your membership so you can become a valuable addition to this Congregation.

These are some of the obligations that must be fulfilled by a member in good standing:

  • Pay your annual dues on time
  • Receive Holy Communion at least once a year
  • Attend Quarterly Membership meetings (minimum 2 out of 4)
  • Support GCC fundraising by volunteering support with your time and financial contribution.
  • Volunteer your talent and know-how for the betterment of the GCC

Benefits of being a member:

  • After six months you may vote and become elected to the Executive Board
  • Fees you pay to GCC for some Church Services are at reduced rate (displayed at the entrance to the Church and online under info).
  • Receiving all pertinent information that affects our GCC and community
  • Priority in having your house blessed, “Badnje Vece” reservation, etc.
  • Member of the Serbian Centre (future consideration), and after 5 years could be elected  to the Serbian Centre Board
Gracanica New Member Application – English
Gracanica New Member Application – Serbian
Gracanica Membership Transfer
Church Chair Allocation

Questions? Email the treasurer