Gracanica Community Festival 2024

Submission Guidelines


Permitted file types: TXT, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF


Copy and paste text from a .txt document or attach a .txt document. Do not submit text with extra spacing, formatting, columns etc. Only submit content with paragraph spacing.

If you are re-printing content from another website, you do not have to copy and paste text, submit a link to the content and I will grab the content.


If you are submitting text with photos, identify your photos and insert instructions on placement. For example, insert photo #3 here. Do not submit content in JPG format.


PDF’S are reserved for legal forms / applications. Do not submit content in PDF format. Some browsers do not permit PDF embeds and cell phones force users to download docs to view, meaning less people will view your PDF.



What does low resolution look like?

All files and even super sized files are being submitted at low resolution. The posters you submit do not need to be more than 800px wide. However, posters are being submitted at 2000 and 3000 pixels wide at low quality and full of noise. Super sizing docs does not make better quality images! Work with your software to determine optimal results.

What is RSS?

Since June, newsletter content has been created with RSS

In a nutshell it means:

  • Regular content is not being uploaded to mailchimp, instead, content that has been published on the website is being PULLED from the WordPress sites into mailchimp, including the images
  • RSS pulls updated content whenever a newsletter is published. In the example below with Father, it is pulling the last 5 published posts. The newsletter content will change as new posts are made.

This RSS Code……..



…… pulling website content into the newsletters.

If you do not have text content in your WordPress post, your RSS text feed return will be empty. This is also true on the homepage. If your post does not contain text, your entry in “Latest Posts” will be empty.

Poster Guidelines & Poster Wall

You may have noticed in the Calendar Events Feed poster images are not being included. They are being excluded intentionally. In RSS, event posters will publish with every event entry. This is problematic when you have a multi day event because large size posters are printing repeatedly in the feed, not just once.  To elaborate, if the Liturgy entry had an image with the event, the same mega sized poster would appear with over and over, with every Sunday entry. Since the posters are a portrait orientation rather than landscape, the posters quickly drown out surrounding content.

  • For readability, make sure your poster is taller, not wider.
  • Increase the font size for contact me messaging, or display a button.
  • all posters on the poster wall are link-able – they can lead to another page, the enlarged poster, an email address, a web form etc.

There is also a Poster Wall on, and it appears on the following pages:

  • the home page
  • the posts page
  • all individual posts
  • this page, the submission guidelines page


  • arrange your poster with readable text
  • MAILCHIMP newsletters are 600 pixels wide
  • Your poster should be taller, than wider, as most phone screens are still a 16:9 ratio. Since 2009, the 16:9 format has been an international standard format for HDTV, widescreen TVs, movies, and smartphones.
  • Depending on the software you are using, 16:9 ratio and 300 DPI will work best across most platforms.
  • When designing your posters for specific platforms, keep in mind the majority of viewers will not see your poster on insta for example. These websites are closed to the majority of the public. Although mailchimp newsletters are 600 px wide, the images need to be pulled in at 490 to meet padding requirements.

For sizing refer to:

These sizes would likely be suitable for your poster needs.

  1. 540 x 960
  2. 720 x 1280
  3. 480 x 854


Registration for Winter Youth Retreat 2023 now open for both re-treaters and serving leaders!
Re-treater Application (High School Students Only):
Serving Leader Application (College Students and Adults):