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Association of Serbian Student Philanthropists


The Association of Serbian Student Philanthropists (ASSP) is an officially recognized student group through the University of Windsor. Although it is run and organized through the University of Windsor, the club accepts membership and involvement from students and recent graduates of other post-secondary institutions. Founded in the 2019-2020 school year, shortly before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASSP fills a void on campus: bringing together Serbian students in the way that comparable organizations bring together students of faith or ethnic groups. More importantly, it unites Serbian young people in the goal of ameliorating the living conditions of their brothers and sisters in the fatherland.

Partnership with Srbi za Srbe

ASSP primarily supports Serbs for Serbs Canada, a registered charity under the Income Tax Act. Serbs for Serbs Canada is the Canadian branch of Serbs for Serbs, a global charity with the goal of combatting the decline in the birth rate in Serbia. More specifically, the organization’s mission is to support families with 4 or more children, with the goal of helping these families become self-sufficient.

The Serbs for Serbs Slogan, “Children are our future”.

Our Slava, Sv. Simeon Stolpnik

Saint Simeon,

the Stylite was born in the Cappadocian village of Sisan of Christian parents, Sisotian and Martha. When Simeon was eighteen, he received monastic tonsure and devoted himself to feats of the strictest abstinence and unceasing prayer. His zeal, beyond the strength of the other monastic brethren, so alarmed the igumen that he told Simeon that to either moderate his ascetic deeds or leave the monastery. Saint Simeon then withdrew from the monastery and lived in an empty well in the nearby mountains, where he was able to carry out his austere struggles unhindered. After some time, angels appeared in a dream to the igumen, who commanded him to bring back Simeon to the monastery. The monk, however, did not long remain at the monastery. A whole crowd of people began to throng to Saint Simeon, wanting to receive healing from sickness and to hear a word of Christian edification. Shunning worldly glory and striving again to find his lost solitude, the monk chose a previously unknown mode of asceticism. He went up a pillar six to eight feet high, and settled upon it in a little cell, devoting himself to intense prayer and fasting. Saint Simeon spent 80 years in arduous monastic feats, 47 years of which he stood upon the pillar. Many pagans accepted Baptism, struck by the moral staunchness and bodily strength which the Lord bestowed upon His servant.

Our Fundraisers

Valentine’s Day Kolace Fundraiser

February 15, 2022
Raised: $ 2,063

Hand-made desserts ranging from brownies to krofne, delivered to your doorstep!

Sponsored Family

The Official Report

Lenten Lunch

March 20, 2022
Raised: $ 3,190

Prepared a posno lunch for church parishioners following Holy Liturgy, during Great Lent

The Official Report

Zurka iz Bloka

August 27, 2022
Raised: over $20,000

Families we sponsored through the donations from this event through Serbs for Serbs:
Babic Family – Sekular, Montenegro
Vujacic Family – Budva, Montenegro
Matovic Family – Velimlje, Montenegro
Slavujevic Family – Jarebice, Serbia

The Official Report


Coffee and Kolace

March 20, 2023
Raised: $ 820 to Serbs for Serbs

Prepared desserts for church parishioners following Holy Liturgy, in anticipation of Great Lent

Beyond the Peak Movie Screening

March 25, 2023
Raised: $ 835

Hosted the Canadian Premiere of American-Serbian produced Orthodox Christian movie “Beyond the
Peak” at SOCA Performance Hall.

Sponsored Family

Serbian Orthodox Community, Windsor Ontario