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Serbian Heritage Museum


The Serbian Heritage Museum of Windsor is a non-profit organization and is established with the purpose of collecting, preserving, researching, exhibiting and interpreting a collection of artifacts and archival material related to Serbian history and culture.

The Museum is open to the public, and serves the people of Windsor and Essex County by imparting knowledge through multiple perspectives on Serbian culture, tradition, history, and customs. The Museum achieves this through its emphasis on exhibits, publications, research, and educational programs, including lectures, films, plays, and concerts, that highlight the richness of Serbian culture and ideas.

Serbian Heritage Museum of Windsor is the only such museum in Canada and is dedicated to upholding its mandate of multiculturalism in Canada by preserving, celebrating and promoting the experience and contribution of Serbian heritage in the lives and communities of Canadians.

The museum’s aim is to preserve the knowledge of Serbian immigrants to Ontario and Canada, and to promote the great contribution made by Serbs to Canada’s industrial, cultural, social and intellectual life. The Serbian Heritage Museum is a focus of local, national and international collaboration in programs and research that are accessible to individuals and organizations.


The Serbian Heritage Museum’s aim is to interpret, research and display its collection to the public through poignant exhibits that showcase Serbian historical and cultural heritage. The Museum has had a particular focus on gathering research material and artifacts from early Serbian settlers in Windsor and the surrounding region. This collection of artifacts and documents tell the story of early immigration of Serbs into the area, their settlement and adaptation into Canadian culture, their social, political, athletic and cultural contributions to Serbian and Canadian societies through a vast variety of expressions.

Serbian culture and history are depicted through several collections of the Serbian Heritage Museum, which currently has over 10,000 artifacts in its archives and is constantly adding to its collection of:

  • Archives
  • Costumes & Textiles
  • Books & Newspapers
  • Photographs & Paintings
  • Music & Instruments
  • Jewelry, Medels & Coins
  • Decorative, Religious & Cultural Objects
  • Many, many other items.
2023 – 2024 Board of DirectorsMember
PresidentMara Celic
Past PresidentAnne Dube
Vice PresidentAlexandra Mirkovic
SecretarySuzana Mitrovic
TreasurerMilos Jurjevic
Board MembersLjiljana Marriott, Neda Laketic-Soc, Petar Bratic, Angie LaMarre, Nicholas Antzaras and Ivana Simovic