Gracanica Community Festival 2024



Empowering the Next Generation

Our Mission

Uniting Serbian Orthodox Youth Since 2020

We believe that the key to the strength and longevity of our community is to promote the involvement and the presence of Youth within the community.

​SerbClub aims to integrate youth into serving and participating alongside other organizations within our Church community.

​We believe that today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. We hope that our activities as a group pay forward to our Church communities by increasing youth engagement, attendance of Youth in Church, participation in events, and participation on our boards, committees and organizations.

Our Values

A group for Youth, by the Youth

The SOYA community brings the life-giving presence of Jesus in Word and Sacrament to our youth. 

​SerbClub aims to promote and actively demonstrate the three Orthodox values and virtues, Faith, Love, and Hope. 

In doing so, we aim to teach each other the value of community and the Church, the very Body of Christ. 

We aim to preserve and grow our Church and community, cherishing what has been created for us today by our families and founders. 

The Church is the community of all those who out of love for God and one another, freely choose to be part of the Body of Christ, united in the same faith, the same confession and the same worship of the One Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Community Service

  • Community Blood Drive Days
  • Senior Care Package Deliveries
  • Visit Seniors in Nursing Homes
  • Volunteer at Food Pantry and Soup Kitchens
  • Packages for New Moms
  • Welcome Newcomers to Our Community
  • Volunteer and upport our community organizations and events

Faith and Religion

  • Faith Discussions
  • Annual Church Cleaning
  • Celebrate Our Slava
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Hold Children’s Religion Classes During Liturgy and more

Festivals & Sports & Recreation

  • Travel together to Serbian and folklore festivals
  • Windsor Serb Fest
  • Organize NDMT & other Orthodox tournaments
  • Basketball, volleyball, bocci ball, and soccer scrimmages
  • Tailgate & sport events

Our Slava

Holy Martyrs Faith, Hope, Love, and their Mother Sofija

Sv. Muc. Vera, Nada, i Ljubav, i im Majka Sofija

Celebrated September 30th (Sept. 17th per Julian calendar)

Saint Sofia was a strong Christian, when her children were born, she named them after the three virtues mentioned in the Bible – Faith, Hope, and Love. Saint Sophia and her daughters didn’t hide their religion despite the fact Christians were routinely persecuted. Emperor Hadrian told them to denounce their religion during this meeting and all four stayed true to their beliefs.


Milena Stevanov, President


We’re always looking for new people to join our team, and to help organize and plan events!
If you’re interested, contact Milena.


Contribute to SOYA Windsor by sending a donation via e-transfer ( If donating by cash or cheque, please forward to an executive member. 

Thank you kindly for supporting our mission, values, and our SOYA community!